Surroundings | Restaurants and Wine Cellars

The cuisine is the marvel of the place! You can discover old and new tastes. You should taste the fish caught in the lake, cooked by the small local restaurants called “Trattorie”, where the old recipes are passed down jealously.

You should also try the expert reinterpretation of the traditional cuisine in excellent restaurants (some of them have gained Michelin stars).

Nothing is left to chance… Each place, each dish, each thought will leave in You a fantastic memory…

Sight and taste will be happily rewarded…


Ristorante Sogno, magnificent restaurant by the lake only 50 meters away

Ph. 0365.62102

Il Capriccio  – Manerba

Km. 5,7 – min. 10

Ph. 0365.551124


Villa Feltrinelli  – Gargnano


Km. 25,3 – min. 35

Ph.  0365.798000

La Tortuga  – Gargnano

Km. 24,4 – min. 34

Ph.  0365.71251





Km. 17,7 – min. 31

Ph.  030.9143361

Il Cavallino  – Desenzano

Km. 17,5 – min. 29

Ph.  030.9120217


La Dispensa

San Felice center


Mt 700 – min.  2

Ph.  0365.557023

La Rucola


Km. 26,3 – min. 48

Ph.   030.916326

 (Small Restaurants)

Trattoria “Orologio”


Km. 6.5 – min. 15

Tel  0365/290158

Lido 84

Gardone Riviera


Ph.  0365 20019


Alle Rose



Km. 6,7 –  min. 12

Ph.   0365.43220

Wine Tasting Tours

Wondering, looking for suggestive and picturesque wine cellars and farms, in order to discover authentic tastes. It is a pleasant adventure!

Extra virgin olive oil and very high quality wine are the excellent product of our territory.


Azienda Agricola Comincioli



Cantina Leali Antonio


Pratello di Padenghe

Azienda Agricola  Pratello

Lugana di Sirmione

Cantina Provenza

Cantina Cà dei Frati

Cantina Cà Lojera


Franciacorta Bollicine

Azienda Agricola Cà del Bosco